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Segregated Funds

This investment is for you if:

  • you want to participate in the growth potential of the markets without all the risk.
  • you’d like your investments protected as part of your estate plan.
  • you avoid the Vegas casinos and enjoy sightseeing instead.


Key Features & Benefits

Simply put, a segregated fund combines the growth potential of a mutual fund with the security of a life insurance policy. Since there is an insurance component to segregated funds, they need to be sold by our licensed wealth management specialists (view tab 3 of this page).

Segregated funds:

  • offer the same features and options as mutual funds but they protect your investment savings from sudden market declines.
  • offer benefit guarantees so you and your family will be able to rely on this income for life.
  • preserve the value of your estate for your loved ones
  • offer beneficiary designation so you can avoid probate—a sometimes long and lengthy process
  • provide potential creditor protection for business owners and professional


    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the difference between segregated funds and mutual funds?

    The main difference between segregated and mutual funds is in the ownership. The investor doesn’t own the assets held by the investment fund, instead their investment is evidenced in the form of an insurance contract. Unlike mutual funds, segregated funds offer a maturity guarantee, a guaranteed death benefit, and protection from creditors.

    What is a Reset Guarantee?

    This guarantee provides the investor with the opportunity to reset the base amount of the guarantee from the original amount of the investment to the investment’s current market value.

    What are the maturity guarantees and death benefits of segregated funds?

    A maturity guarantee protects the investment capital until the end of a specified period of time. A segregated fund is required to have a minimum 75% maturity guarantee and the investor will get whichever amount is higher—market value of the investment at maturity or the guaranteed amount at maturity.

    A death benefit guarantee offers protection to the investor in the event of an investment loss during their lifetime and is also set at a minimum of 75% but can be as high as 100%.

    Do segregated funds cost more than mutual funds?

    Segregated funds are essentially two separate purchase – first you purchase a mutual fund and then you purchase the insurance to protect it. Generally, the cost for the insurance coverage is about 1.0% above what you’d paid for a mutual fund.


    Licensed Professionals

    Segregated funds have all the features that have made mutual funds one of the most popular forms of investment for Canadians. In addition, they offer the safety features that in the past were found only in the insurance industry. With segregated funds, you can take control of risk and still build the assets necessary to meet your future financial requirements.

    For more information about segregated funds, please contact any of our Envision wealth management specialists listed below.

    Jorge Batista, CFP
    Scottsdale Community Branch and Langley Service Centre
    Phone: 604-501-4247

    Marc Chenard, BA, MA (Econ), CFP
    Minter and Town Centre Community Branches
    Phone: 604-557-7467

    Angelo Demelo
    Kitimat Community Branch
    Phone: 250-632-4356

    David Francilia
    North Delta, Fleetwood, Ridge Meadows and Sunwood Community Branches
    Phone: 604-502-4921

    Lisa M. Free, CFP, FMA, FCSI
    Hope, Mission and Abbotsford Village Community Branches
    Abbotsford Village: 604-557-7497
    Hope: 604-860-7818

    Steven Gillespie, BComm
    Sardis, Yarrow and Chilliwack City Community Branches
    Phone: 604-703-7615

    Christian Martin, BA, CFP
    Langley City and Willoughby Community Branches
    Phone: 604-592-7212

    Stephen Rimdap, MBA, FMA, FCSI
    Ladner Community Branch
    Phone: 604-501-4217

    Tanya Wilson, BBA, CFP
    Newton and South Point Community Branches
    Phone: 604-502-4987

    Keith Wood, CFP, FMA, RHU, CSA
    Tsawwassen Community Branch
    Phone: 604-501-4227


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