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Want to get more for your money? With each dollar you spend on your Envision MasterCard®, you'll get valuable CHOICE REWARDS® points which you can use for free merchandise, travel, or cash rewards. Set up is simple!



If you like getting free stuff, our CHOICE REWARDS® program is for you and comes with almost any MasterCard® credit card you choose.

You'll earn points for your MasterCard purchases and you can redeem those points at any time for cash rewards, travel, branded merchandise and much more!

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CHOICE REWARDS is a registered trademark of FIA Card Services, National Association and is used pursuant to licence.

Platinum Rewards

Platinum Class Rewards

  • Earn 2 points* for every dollar charged for net retail purchases
  • Redeem points for premium merchandise from the Platinum Class Rewards website or for travel through the exclusive Platinum Class travel agency at a 1% value (10,000 points = $100 worth of travel)
  • If you don't have enough points for an entire trip, you can charge the remainder to your Platinum Class MasterCard card and earn even more points!
  • No restrictions on travel:
    • Any seat
    • Any carrier (airline, cruise, ski package, etc.)
    • Any travel time (even during seat sales and blackout periods)
    • Any destination

* The amount of Platinum Class Rewards points you may accumulate is limited to 400,000 points per calendar year.

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