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Community Grants


At Envision Financial, a division of First West Credit Union, we aim to enhance our communities for children and families. What better way to do that than by supporting community programs. We are giving out a $50,000 grant to one organization to further a community-focused project, program or initiative. This grant is one of three that First West is distributing to support organizations in the regions it serves—$150,000 distributed in support of Canada 150.

We received so many inspiring applications for community projects, programs and other initiatives that are benefiting our future generations and strengthening community bonds.

Public voting period is now closed and we want to thank everyone who voted for their favourites. The 10 organizations that received the most votes will be reviewed by a First West selection committee and the winning organization will be announced on June 29 – just in time to celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary!




Have a question that’s not on this list? Submit it to simplegenerosity@firstwestcu.ca.

I missed the May 25 deadline to submit a grant application, am I still able to apply?
Absolutely! If you would like to submit a program or initiative that is benefiting your community, please complete the application form and submit it by email. Please keep in mind that public voting may have already started and you will really need to rally your friends, family and community to vote for your project.

Our non-profit or charitable organization has a short video that explains our project, program or initiative. Are we able to submit this along with our application?
Of course! If you have any supporting videos or photos that help to explain your project and the community impact, we would love to see them. Please attach them to the email when you submit the application or include a link where the images or video can be viewed online.

What happens after I submit my application?
All eligible grant applications will be available for public voting, beginning on May 29 via our community partner Volinspire. Rally your friends, family and greater community and encourage them to vote for your proposed project, program or other initiative. The 10 organizations that receive the most votes by June 23 will be reviewed by a First West selection committee. The winning organization will be announced on June 29.

Can I submit more than one application?
Yes! We encourage you to submit applications for all programs or initiatives that benefit our future generations and strengthen our community bonds.

Who can I call to find out if my application is going to be selected?
Waiting to find out if your application has been selected can be tough. However with the high volume of applications submitted, we are unfortunately unable to recognize every organization for the contributions they’re making in our community.

We appreciate each and every application, and are so inspired by these stories, that we will be doing what we can to showcase the great contributions of all organizations.

What is the maximum length of an application?
There aren’t any guidelines or limits around the length of the application, just whatever you need to ensure we have a clear picture of what your project, program or initiative is all about. Feel free to include photos or short videos if they support the application. When eligible applications are posted online, they will be summarized to 100-200 words for the voting profiles.

I want to share #SimpleGenerosity with a non-profit or charitable organization that might be interested. What’s the best way to do that?
That’s great news! We’re excited that you’re excited about the community grant program. Share #SimpleGenerosity with others in one of several ways:

  1. Send them the link to the program details on our website.
  2. Ask any of our in-branch team members for program information. They’ll point you in the right direction.
  3. Direct them to our #SimpleGenerosity page on Volinspire.

How will the voting process work?
Beginning May 29, all eligible grant applications will be posted on Volinspire for public voting. To place a vote, a personal account on Volinspire will need to be created. Visit the SimpleGenerosity page to view a full list of the projects available to vote on. One vote per person, per project, is permitted. If there is more than one project that you would like to support, by all means give each of them a vote! A vote is placed simply by clicking on one of the three fun emojis listed at the bottom of each application. It won’t matter if “you like it”, “it makes you smile”, or “it makes your proud” – we’re just happy to see you support it! A cumulative score will be created based upon how many emojis are collected for each project.

How and when will funding be distributed?
We’ll keep it simple and present the $50,000 grant to the lucky recipient in the form of a cheque. We will likely have some First West paparazzi there and we’ll expect you to bring your biggest smiles! When funding is distributed will be determined by the nature of the project and the associated timelines.

Dates & Deadlines

April 13-May 25: Submit your application via email to simplegenerosity@envisionfinancial.ca. Tell us how your organization could benefit from $50,000.

May 29-June 23:Public voting period on eligible grant applications. Rally your friends, family and greater community and encourage them to vote for your proposed project, program or other initiative. The 10 organizations that receive the most votes will be reviewed by a First West selection committee. Public voting will take place via our community partner, Volinspire.

June 29: The winning organizations will be announced—just in time to celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary!

Application Guidelines

  • Community projects must benefit children and families.
  • Non-profit organizations must be registered with the BC Societies Act or CRA.
  • Community projects must be located in a community where Envision Financial operates: Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Coquitlam, Delta, Hope, Kitimat, Langley, Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows, Mission and Surrey.
  • The winning organization must be available at a mutually convenient time to participate in a media and / or community presentation.


Thank you for inspiring us!


Thank you to our partner in #SimpleGenerosity.