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Term Deposit Specials

StepUp® 9Plus9

Enjoy guaranteed growth with a two-tiered interest rate. Additional features include:

  • 18-month term length
  • Two-tiered interest rate with an increase halfway through the term so you're rewarded with a bonus for leaving your money in for the full term
  • Low minimum deposit ($1,000 non-registered;$500 registered; $100 juniors) with no maximum limit
  • Fully cashable anytime during the term so you can access your money without penalty if you need to
  • Tax sheltered growth: RSP, TFSA, & RIF eligible
  • Interest paid annually
  • Plus, you can rest easy knowing that your deposits are 100% guaranteed.


Early Bird Account™

If you're the type of person who puts the maximum amount possible into your TFSA each year, you'll love this! Now you can get a jump start on saving for next year's TFSA contribution, by putting money away in an Early Bird Account™. You'll start earning a great rate of interest as soon as you put your money in, and you'll have savings ready-to-go into a TFSA when the time comes.

  • You'll avoid the January TFSA contribution rush
  • You'll receive a great interest rate on your deposits prior to contributing to your TFSA
  • There's no minimum deposit amount
  • Plus, you can rest easy knowing that your deposits are 100% guaranteed.†


winwin Term Deposit

Looking to take advantage of stock returns without the risk? This term deposit guarantees you a competitive rate with the potential for greater returns linked to the performance of 8 Canadian securities.

  • 3 and 5 year terms
  • Low minimum deposit
  • Guaranteed principal
  • Guaranteed minimum return
  • Rate of interest is based on the performance of Canadian Financial Institutions
  • RSP & TFSA eligible

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How winwin™ term deposit works

On the issue date:
Your principal investment and all interest earned from the purchases date are rolled into your winwin™ index-linked term. Guaranteed interest is calculated from the issue date.

Index-related return:
Return is determined by the growth of the index from the opening index to the closing index. Even if the closing index value is lower than the opening index level, you'll still have your entire principal investment paid out at maturity. Your principal and the guaranteed minimum interest will also be calculated from the issue date, compounded annually. If the closing index value is higher than the opening index value, the winwin™ term deposit will pay your principal investment plus all index-related returns at maturity.



Our Current Rates

Special Offer (Rates effective 2015-09-15) Rates
StepUp® 9Plus9 - first 9 months* 0.70%
StepUp® 9Plus9 - second 9 months* 2.30%
StepUp® 9Plus9 - average rate* 1.50%
Early Bird Account™** 2.25%
TFSA High Interest Savings Account ($5,000+)* 0.70%
Cashable (non-registered, RSP, TFSA, RIF, LIF) (Rates effective 2015-09-01) Rates
StepUp® 18Plus18 - first 18 months* 0.70%
StepUp® 18Plus18 - second 18 months* 3.00%
StepUp® 18Plus18 - average rate* 1.85%
1 year (redeemable after 30 days) 0.65%
18 months (redeemable after 6 months) 0.70%

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*Rates are effective September 1, 2015 and are subject to change without notice. Interest rates are per annum. Interest compounds annually. Terms and conditions apply.

**Rate as of September 15, 2015 subject to change without notice. Interest rates are per annum. Interest paid on a maximum contribution of $10,000. Limit one Early Bird Account™ per member. Terms and conditions apply. View Early Bird Account™ Terms & Conditions.

†The Credit Union Deposit Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, a statutory corporation, fully guarantees all deposits. Credit Union equity shares and investments such as mutual funds or RSP equity plans are not covered by deposit insurance.


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