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Simplify your life with practical financial skills.

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Get a head start on your financial future by attending our free in-branch events

Join us for one of our in-branch events to learn hands-on approaches on how to manage your money and plan for your future. You’ll hear from our team of financial experts about the best strategies you can implement right now to better plan your finances so you can stop worrying about tomorrow.

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Learn about RSP’s, TFSA’s, RESP’s and tips & tricks on how to build your investments. How does the TFSA work? What type of investments are there? What are the benefits of working with an advisor? Take on a new approach on investments and let our experts help you make your money work for you.


Why is a retirement plan important and what are the steps to putting one together? Our experts will give advice on how to use or access CPP, OAS, RIF, LIF, reverse mortgages and other income sources. Plan the future for you and your family in order to live the life you dream of during retirement.


Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the amount of information out there when it comes to buying a residential property? Are you stressed out about the stress test? Our home buying experts will walk you through everything from your budget and pre-approval process down to your moving day, all with a keen eye on the 4 key quadrants that comprise your financial wellbeing - Bank, Borrow, Insure and Invest.

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If you want to preserve and protect your assets, estate planning will help you understand the benefits of a properly prepared estate plan. Our experts will also discuss wills, executors and responsibilities and other aspects of estate planning such as powers of attorney, trusts, life insurance and RSPs, RIFs and TFSAs.


Keep yourself, your family and your devices safe from online fraud and theft. Learn the risks, the various schemes and the proper steps to protect yourself when you come across them.

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If you have any questions or suggestions for new events / topics, please e-mail marketingservices@envisionfinancial.ca

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Everything is easier with a little help.

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