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How $93,000 is #GoodForBusiness

We know the growth and success of local business is critical to the overall vitality of our communities. In 2021, more good things are happening through our Simple Generosity program – including making donations to organizations that do good things for local businesses and entrepreneurs.

Throughout October and November, we’re making good for business donations to organizations that offer support and assistance to local businesses and entrepreneurs. We believe every business should have the opportunity to thrive, no matter how big or small.


Discover how Envision Financial is donating $93,000 and how it's #GoodForBusiness.


​We believe in the power of partnership, working together to achieve social impact and make a difference in our communities.

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Over the past year, we’ve seen people, businesses and non-profits cope with new demands and challenges. For many, it’s been harder to thrive and we want to help alleviate financial hardship through the power of community-helping-community.

In 2021, our Simple Generosity program is magnifying it’s impact by adding a million-dollar giving program, and we've completed two waves already. You can participate in our thriving minds campaign right now, with one final wave of support still coming later this year.


Complete! $140,000 for families

Recently, we asked you to share stories about how your family thrives together. Hundreds of comments inspired us to pay-it-forward with community donations.

Complete! Over 330 charities supported

Through the comments of kindness you left on our social media posts, we’ve paid $100,000 forward to over 330 different charities who serve our communities and help them thrive.

​Complete! $53,000 supporting learning

Through our #LearningPotential giving program we donated to 11 charities, schools, and foundations that are helping members of our community, from our littles to our seniors, grow their learning potential!