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Complete! Over 330 Charities Supported

For 25 years, the First West Foundation has been giving good things back to our communities – through the comments of kindness you left on our social media posts, we’re paying $100,000 forward to over 330 different charities who serve our communities and help them thrive.

Stay tuned for the list of all those who received your #CommentsOfKindness, and which charity received the additional $25,000 donation!

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*To confirm a charity is CRA registered, visit the Canada Revenue Agency site 

​We believe in the power of partnership, working together to achieve social impact and make a difference in our communities.

Learn more about Simple Generosity


And there is still more to come from Simple Generosity this year. Starting August 3, we will be sharing stories from our employees on what #knowledgeis to them. We will also be donating $200,000 to local charities that support the types of learning our employees do to keep thriving. From mentorship, to cultural, to even just learning for fun!

Hopefully our stories will inspire you to continue to learn, and to support others throughout their learning journeys, wherever you might be in your lifelong learning journey.

Complete! $140,000 for families

Recently, we asked you to share stories about how your family thrives together. Hundreds of comments inspired us to pay-it-forward with community donations.

​Keeping the future in mind

The places we’ll go tomorrow start with the things we learn today. In 2021, we’ll empower more people to expand their knowledge and skills.

Coming: August 10 to September 23

​Taking care of businesses

The shops and services in our neighbourhoods are a vital part of our economic story and this year we will help them write a new chapter.

Coming: October 4 to November 29

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Everything is easier with a little help.

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