CEBA Application Form (Non-Deferred Expenses)

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​You are on the Canada Business Emergency Benefit (CEBA) Non-Deferrable Expense eligibility application page 

Before starting you will need: 

  • your business 2019 T1 General (or 2018 if last filing)  
    • The business Canada Revenue Agency 9-digit Business Number (BN) 
    • Net Income amounts

If you haven’t already done so you must also

  • Review the Federal Government’s CEBA website to
    • Confirm and calculate your Total Eligible Non-Deferrable Expense and Excluded benefits 
    • Learn which documents are required to prove these expenses and how to prepare them for upload in the online application 
  • Obtain and prepare documents to evidence each eligible expense 
  • Enroll and upload your documents on the Federal Government’s CEBA Document Upload application selecting “First West Credit Union” as the financial institution you are submitted your CEBA enrollment through 
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Select “NO” on the first question below.  It defaults to “YES”.  The option “NO” must be selected to confirm your Total Employment Income Paid to Employees in 2019 was less than $20,000 and that the correct application is being used.

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Everything is easier with a little help.

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