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Board of Directors

Call for Nominations

Are you ready to lead with courage?

First West Credit Union is now accepting nominations from candidates interested in standing for election to the board of directors. To learn more about what the board is looking for or how you can get involved, read the Nominations and Election package.

Financial Tips

Financial Tips for 2018

Make a plan and stick with it!

Start of the year is the perfect time to set some new financial goals for your family. Envision Financial's David Yan, Vice President of Wealth, sits down with Global TV and shares his top five tips to make sure 2018 is your best year financially.

7 Money Myths


How do you navigate the tricky waters of financial advice?

There’s a lot of misinformation circulating around these days. As a consequence, people may make important financial decisions based on facts that may not be accurate. We took on 7 of the top money myths and debunked them for you.

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