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PowerPlay Young Entrepreneurs®

In 2012, Envision Financial partnered with PowerPlay Young Entrepreneurs to bring the Young Entrepreneurs program to students throughout schools in communities where Envision Financial does business. This six week comprehensive educational program utilizes project-based learning techniques to support an early understanding of money management, financial literacy and entrepreneurship.

Developed and designed for students in grades four through eight, students generate ideas, explore concepts, prepare business plans, create products and design marketing materials. Envision Financial employees volunteer their time to meet with students to discuss the importance of business planning and the charitable role in community played by credit unions. At the end of the program, students showcase their achievements at a PowerPlay Young Entrepreneurs trade show, selling their products to students, family and community leaders.

At Chief Dan George Middle School in Abbotsford, teacher Florence Colquhoun shared the experience of a previously withdrawn student whose handmade clay charms surprised her classmates because they were one of the most popular products at the Young Entrepreneur Show. “She was able to express her creativity (in her product) and be recognized for it. Her clay charms sold like hotcakes and she was very proud of herself.”

Across British Columbia, 12,618 youth in 15 school districts were able to take part in this exciting program through our sponsorship; collectively, since 2012, our students have donated approximately $66,000 to charitable organizations in their communities.

Click here to read Success Story, the PowerPlay Young Entrepreneurs newsletter showing last year’s exciting results from the perspective of educators, students and volunteers. It highlights how the program helps teachers create personalized learning experiences for students and includes specific outcomes in key learning areas.

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