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Our Current Promotional Rates

Promotional Investment Rates

(Rates effective 04-01-2016)
StepUp® 18Plus18 (first 18 months) 0.70%
StepUp® 18Plus18 (second 18 months) 2.80%
StepUp® 18Plus18 (average rate) 1.75%
15 Month Non-Redeemable 1.50%
TFSA High Interest Savings Account ($5,000+) 0.70%
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Promotional Lending Rates

(Rates effective 22-01-2016)
Personal Loan (Prime + 0.25%) 2.95%
4-Year Fixed Rate Mortgage 2.99% ††
5-Year Fixed Rate Mortgage 2.79% ††
5-Year Simple Stability Mortgage™ 2.59% ††
Redfrog® Mortgage (Prime + 0.50%) 3.20% ††
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Global Rates

Prime Rate 2.70%

Term rates are subject to change without notice. Interest rates are per annum. Interest compounds annually. Terms and conditions apply.

Loan rate is subject to change without notice and is available O.A.C. Terms and conditions may apply.

††Mortgage rates are subject to change without notice and are available O.A.C. Rates are compounded semi-annually. Terms and conditions may apply. Mortgage funds must be advanced within 90 days of the application. These rates are discounted and can not be combined with any other rate discounts, promotions or offers. Additional fees may apply. For specific Annual Percentage Rate (APR) rates, please contact your branch.