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The below list of fees is not exhaustive and additional fees may be applicable to our products and services. Please contact your branch for further details.

Account Related Fees

Account closing within 90 days$25
Transfer balance of account$25
Bank confirmation - standard$30*
Bank confirmation - comprehensive$50 per hour*
Change of signer$25
Cheque retrieval / Record search - in branch$3*
Cheque retrieval / Record search - comprehensive$50 per hour*
Non-sufficient funds (NSF) cheque or pre-authorized debit$48
Chargeback (deposit NSF cheque)$8
Unauthorized overdraft charges (per item)$5
Overdraft protection (per month)$3
Postdated cheques (per item)$3
One-time fee after 18 months of inactivity$42.50
Inactive account (per month after 18 months)$2.50
Mailed statement (per item)$2.25
Order duplicate printed statement$50
In-branch statement printout$5
Stop payment (in-branch & electronic)$13
Utility bill trace$10
Failed auto fee$5
Counter cheque - encoded (per 4 cheques)$2*
Order cheques (standard) - 50Cost
Order cheques (standard) - 100Cost
Unencoded cheque$10
Cheque written in U.S. funds on CAD account$10
Foreign currency / Cheque ATM deposit$5
Administer and settle estate account$100*
Telephone requests to transfer funds between accounts$5


Office Cheques & Draft Fees

(Available to members only)

Office cheque $10
U.S. drafts $10 USD
Foreign currency drafts $10


Duplicate official receipt FREE
Plan closed within 6 months $50
Full transfer out and plan closed $100
Partial transfer of plan $100


​Wire Transfers

(Fees as of Jul. 20, 2021)

Incoming CDN currency wire transfer$15
Incoming USD currency wire transfer (fee in U.S. dollars)$15 USD
Outgoing CDN currency wire transfer$30
Outgoing USD currency wire transfer (fee in U.S. dollars)$30 USD
Outgoing wire transfer (currency other than CDN or USD)$30

Safety Deposit Boxes

(Deposit box rental price is per year and excludes taxes)

1.5" x 5"$60.00*
2" x 5"$90.00*
2.5" x 5"$90.00*
3" x 5"$105.00*
3.75" x 5"$105.00*
5" x 5"$127.50*
2.5" x 10"$127.50*
3" x 10"$142.50*
5" x 10"$225.00*
10" x 10"$375.00*
Lost key replacement$20*
Drilling safety deposit box$200*


Letters (bank, immigration, reference, interest) $30*
Non-member transaction $5


Night Deposit
Per 100 bags $30*
Lost key replacement $15*


*applicable taxes may apply to some services