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The help you need.
When and where you want it.

Get answers to your everyday banking questions with our new digital assistant, Finley!

Why wait in line, when you can get the answers you need right now online. Introducing a faster, more convenient approach to customer service.

With our AI-powered chat tool Finley, we can assist you 24/7, no matter where you are. There's no need to visit a branch or call the Member Advice Centre, you can access everything from how to use our digital banking services to new product info in seconds.


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How Finley works

  • Visit our website using your desktop, tablet or mobile internet browsers
  • Click the chat icon at the bottom of the page (yes, even this page!) to start a chat with Finley
  • Just ask a question and get an immediate answer
  • Need to know more? Type follow-up questions or respond to Finley's clarifying questions

The more conversations Finley has, the smarter it gets. And if Finley doesn’t have a specific answer for your question, it will let you know how to reach an Advisor who will have the details you need.







Finley is available 24/7

No matter the time of day, Finley is there to provide friendly, quick answers to everyday banking questions.

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Finley is quick

An average person spends up to 43 days of their life being on hold. Finley can save you time and deliver up-to-date information with the click of a button.


Finley is easygoing

With Finley, you can learn more about our products, financial tools and digital banking services at your own pace. 

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It’s natural to wonder if a web-based application is secure.  You can rest easy knowing that Finley follows all of our existing privacy and security policies. It is important that you read and agree to the following terms and conditions as they apply each time you chat with Finley.

Finley adds each chat transcript to a database but does not store any personally identifiable information like names, account numbers or email addresses. The transcripts are then used to support the bot's continuous learning. Your chat history is cleared every time your browser is refreshed.



We understand that sometimes you just want to speak to a real person. You are always welcome to call our Member Advice Centre or visit the branch if you prefer. Finley is simply an additional, quick way to get help.