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Are you on track for retirement?

The journey to retirement is an adventure filled with mystery and excitement; you might wonder if you’re on the golden trail or taking a scenic detour. 

Perhaps you're supporting grown children and caring for your elderly parents, all while navigating rising costs and interest rates. Life has dealt you a complex hand, and through all of it, you may not have had enough breathing room to build your retirement plan. But don’t worry, every tick of the clock is a new opportunity to plan.

Are you on track to retire on time?

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28% of Canadian Gen Xers have no savings set aside for their retirement. 
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The average Canadian from the age of 46 to 55 has over $30,000 in consumer debt. 
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57% of Gen Xers have doubts about if they’ll save enough to retire comfortably. 

No retirement plan?
You’re not alone

As the old saying goes, the best time to start your retirement plan was 20 years ago. The second best time is today.

We have resources to help you determine what you already have, what you’ll need, and plan for how to make it happen; because you can make it happen.  


We're reframing how we talk about retirement

You don’t have to take the traditional path to have a fulfilling retirement.  

The idea of mid-age being the finish line, when you have all your debts paid, the kids have moved out, and you just never go to work again, just isn't the goal for everyone.

If you maintain your social connections, routine, and activity while you maintain your working life, this old-fashioned view on retirement may just not be what you want.

Talk to an advisor about retiring on your own terms


Here to answer your most-asked retirement questions

Whatever your situation, we can guide you toward a retirement that works for you.

Trending retirement advice

Have you ever heard this advice about retirement?

The internet is a vast space full of a lot of information. Self-proclaimed influencers and experts are happy to blast advice out without context or regulation.

But how much of it is true? And even if it is true, how much applies to your situation?

Find out the best advice for your situation from a trusted advisor.

Talk to an advisor about a retirement plan that works for you.

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