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Diversify Your Portfolio, Not Your Advisors

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A diverse portfolio can be as unique as you. Each person has different goals for their investments and risk tolerances. Working closely with an investment advisor can give your investments an advantage. Your advisor gets to know you and can provide a specialized plan to guide you through market cycles, life’s milestones, and the full growth potential of your wealth.

It starts with the right advice

As you build your future - whether that be your career, family or your leave-behind legacy - it is important to have specific goals and to focus on the big picture.

The right financial professional will deep-dive into your goals and aspirations and build a tailored plan just for you. Most plans focus on the destination, which could be an adventurous or comfortable retirement, but it also must consider all the important stops along the way. From celebrating a marriage or helping your grandchildren with post-secondary education, the right advisor will have a clear understanding of your situation along with all your intricate wants and needs.

Blue Checkmark Takeaway: When you work with a financial professional a specialized plan is created to guide you through market cycles, life’s milestones and the full growth potential of your wealth.

A deep dive into portfolio diversification

Diversifying your portfolio means that you are dividing your investment eggs into different investment baskets. This strategy will help you to invest in the right proportion so that you are not too conservatively invested and risk falling behind inflation and not too aggressively invested thereby leaving your portfolio over exposed to the market volatility.

Portfolio diversification is a management strategy that blends many different investments into your portfolio. The idea is that multiple varieties of investments may yield higher returns and potentially reduce volatility. Essentially, you want to think of spreading the wealth across different investment products, like Stocks, bonds, ETF’s, Index funds etc., to avoid focusing too much on one investment type.

One of the keys of successful investing is to determine your risk tolerance appetite and match that with your comfort level to ensure that it is aligned with your financial roadmap while considering all the milestones you want to achieve along the way. By working with one advisor, they will familiarize themselves with your overall financial situation and be able to balance your comfort and risk-taking capability with the right balance of investments that make the most sense for you.

Blue Checkmark Takeaway: One of the keys to successful investing is find out your risk tolerance and balance that with your comfort level and financial roadmap – considering all the stops you want to make along with way.

How to diversify your portfolio

When you partner with an advisor, your investment needs are better understood. They consider your entire financial picture and provide recommendations to help improve your financial wellness. This personalized approach helps you avoid receiving conflicting advice, or recommendations that are not right for you, and potentially boost your returns by approximately 3% each year. Working with one advisor will keep your investments on track and help avoid any pitfalls.

Invest in your future

You’ve taken great care to grow your wealth, let our advisors help you prioritize your long-term financial goals. We’ll focus on your unique situation, investment needs, and what it means to diversify your portfolio to match your financial aspirations. It’s not just about the destination, it’s also about getting there. As a credit union we live where you live and invest where you invest. We understand the importance of working with a financial professional that understands your life and goals.

Talk to an advisor today to start a plan that improves your financial wellbeing with portfolio diversification and trusted advice.

Blue Checkmark Your top takeaway: Overall, when you - partner with a trusted advisor you will have more control over building your wealth, leading to better financial wellbeing and future security.


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