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The Value of Getting A Second Opinion on Your Investments


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Whether it's losing your job, having a baby or rethinking retirement, your financial picture is always changing. The global health crisis has also changed everything — from how we work and interact with family to how we spend and invest.

Working with a financial planner who understands your life, global stock markets and the importance of having a well-diversified portfolio to ride out market ups and downs is a must-have. A great place to start is by getting a second opinion on your investments.

3 reasons to get a second opinion on your investments

1. You'll know if you're on track to reaching your goals

Especially during times of uncertainty or unprecedented global events, priorities can shift and so can your financial planning needs. If you’ve been with an advisor for a long time, or are investing on your own, it’s beneficial to have someone else check that your strategy is sound. A second opinion allows you to re-evaluate the products you’re invested in, along with the timelines and goals you may have set for yourself years ago.

Retirement timelines can shift, children may decide to pursue extra educational degrees or move back home. By seeking a second opinion, you’ll feel confident that you’re maximizing the most effective investment strategies — today and tomorrow.

2. It may improve your returns 

Market volatility can be unnerving for even the most seasoned investors. Diversification is one of the most common techniques that can help you potentially improve returns, balance your asset allocation and weather any storms. Diversification is used to reduce the impact of low performance of any one security on your entire portfolio by combining a variety of investment types within a portfolio.

You don’t want to rely on gambles, but rational planning across a mix of products, with balance being the key. Your own insights play a role here, and your advisor should listen to your preferences and guide you in building a well-diversified portfolio accordingly.   

3. You'll gain confidence and peace of mind

Whether you’ve made financial resolutions or want to maximize tax savings in 2021, it's the perfect time to get a second opinion on your portfolio. A different advisor may ask you other questions you hadn’t considered and share a fresh perspective on your investments and financial goals. 

Educating yourself by talking to another professional will increase the level of trust you have in your financial plan. You’ll either feel confident in moving forward with the plan and advisor you have, or you’ll realize you need to make some changes. If you feel like you don’t have a clear understanding of how your investments relate to your financial goals, or that you don’t have a clear investment strategy, it’s definitely time to get a second opinion.

Get a second opinion on your investments

While life is uncertain and we face new challenges each year, having a solid investment strategy can help protect you against some of the uncertainty. Getting a second opinion is the best way to align your current portfolio with your future financial goals. We’ll take the time to listen, and once we know more about you, we'll review your portfolio and investment plan options. 

We'll help you fully understand your current plan and future opportunities.If you’re on the right track, we’ll let you know. If we think you could benefit from some adjustments, we’ll make our recommendations and ensure you understand them. Book your virtual second opinion today

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